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15 Natural Habits for Healthier, Shinier and Stronger Hair

Lucky are the people nowadays who can maintain the healthy texture of their hair without any problem. Unhealthy Lifestyle and Bad environmental conditions lead to so many hair related problems.
Dealing with damaged hair every morning can be very painful and stressful. So here are some daily habits to think upon which are followed by people having healthy hair.

15 Natural Habits for Healthier, Shiner and Stronger Hair are –

  1. Eat Right: All of us want strong and healthy hair. We cannot control factors like age, genetics, or climatic conditions. But at least we can have a  balanced nutritional diet good for our hair. Food items rich in Protein, Iron, Vitamin-C, and Zinc can be added to our diet to transform dull and damaged hairs into Gorgeous Bristful Locks. Make sure to include following hair health boosters in your diet

A. Leafy vegetables

B.  Amla

C.  Eggs

D. Nuts

E. Fatty Fish

F. Sweet Potatoes

G. Avacado

H. Oysters

I. Soybeans

J. Meat

2) Necessary Supplements: After that healthy and balanced diet, if you still lack in any of your Vitamins, it can be handled by some Multivitamin for Healthy Hair. Commonly we lack zinc and iron nutritional deficiencies which may further lead to hair loss. But people with healthy hair take care of their nutritional deficiencies.

3) Stress: You will be shocked to know the severe effects of stress over hair loss. Alopecia areata is a state of stress where you can have sudden hair loss that may result in bald patches on your scalp. Hairloss due to stress is not an immediate result. Stress damages our hair follicles so badly that further hair growth is affected and the results are seen a few months later. Not only hair stress can also affect your skin and digestion. People with healthy hair are definitely the ones with a stress-free lifestyle.

3) Avoid daily washing: Washing your hair daily may clean your hair but it can be harmful to the natural oil of scalp and may leave you behind with dry and damaged hair which again is a reason for bad hair growth. Excessive cleaning can be the reason for hair weakening. Avoid washing your long hair daily. Twice a week would be enough. But if you perform excessive workouts daily and are left with oily scalp at the end then you can use Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco SHAMPOO- For Hair Repair to clean your sweaty hair and scalp but keep your essential oils intact.

4) Massage your scalp: Regular light and soothing massage with oil before every wash can be very effective for hair growth as it regulates blood circulation to hair follicles. This in turn stimulates hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Always use your fingertips to gently massage your hair.

5) Stay Gentle, Use Right Brushes:  Right hairbrush selection is very important for the health of your scalp and hair. Your hair is very delicate so stay gentle while detangling them.

6) Never brush your wet hair. Brushing your wet hair can weaken them from roots which can be the reason for hairfall.

7) Avoid Hot Showers : It’s normal to lose 10% hair during the shower for new hair to replace them. Hot showers may ease your fatigue but at the cost of all the essential oils from your scalp resulting in dryness and itchy scalp. So avoid using excessively hot water on your scalp. Instead, wash them with lukewarm water.

8) Minimalise sun exposure: Excessive exposure to sunlight may damage your hair. Sunlight may act as bleach for your hair and result in discoloration. Hair becomes dry, frizzy, broken and split ends. To protect your hair from harsh effects of sun’s UV radiation try and complete your outdoor chores early in the morning or in late evenings. You can also use an umbrella or protect your hair by covering them correctly. If venturing outside is very essential and unavoidable then Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion, Spf 70 is the best hair care product recommended for you all.

9) Don’t use chemicals: People with healthy hair never use harsh haircare products with chemicals in it. Use Shampoo without Sulfate in it. Sulfate is the major cause of dryness in hair as it steals all essential oils from your scalp.  In fact use a moisturizing shampoo with natural and organic ingredients that are rich in essential oils, Keratin and Protein.

10) Get Frequent Haircuts: Trimming your hair every 3 months is a good habit as it removes damaged hair and split ends leaving out behind with healthy hairs.

11) Use Silk Pillows: To avoid breakage while sleeping do not use rough pillowcases instead use silk pillowcases which avoid friction and split ends.

12) Don’t heat unless necessary: Big no to hair heat products such as straighter, curler, and hairdryer as the damage caused by them cannot be repaired. Heat products adversely affect your hair so before using them apply heat protectors on your hair. Some natural heat protectors can also be used such as Argan oil. Take a few drops of Argan oil and gently apply on your hair. It is the best natural oil to protect our hair from high heat without giving an oily effect. Along with protecting our hair from the heat it also nourishes our hair. Shea Butter and Grapeseed oil can also be used as natural heat protectors.

13) Stay loyal to your Hair Care Products: Changing your products frequently is not at all a good practice. Select your hair products wisely and use them regularly. Do not expect quick results from any of your hair products nor judge your product from the first usage. Your weak hair will definitely fall off during the initial days of any product. A good product will certainly work by regular usage with time. So stay loyal with your hair care products.

14) Use Conditioner: After every shampoo wash always use conditioner. Shampoo removes oil and dirt from hair but chemical present in it can make our hair rough and can damage hair follicles. So using StBotanica Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Conditioner, 300ml – Intensive Conditioning For Dry, Damaged & Color Treated Hair, No Parabens or SLS/Sulphate conditioner would be a good idea after shampooing to regain smooth and silkiness of hair.

15) Detangling Bottom to top: Always detangle your hair slowly and gently starting from the bottom end of the hair towards the top roots to minimize the breakage.

Conclusion : Healthy habits leads to ever glowing , shinier , silkier and smooth hair. Our eating , sleeping and day to day work activities directly reflects in the health of our hair growth , texture and colour. Thus by following the above mentioned routine and taking complete precautions will lead to ever glossier and healthy hairstyle.