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3 Best Homemade Sunscreen to Apply This Summer For Smooth Hair [Updated 2020]

Nature has been rejuvenating itself during these months of lockdown and so has your skin and hair. Now that you are moving towards unlocking ourselves and stepping out into the world, make sure that you protect your hair by using sunscreens for your hair to shield it from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Protecting your skin and hair is always needed whether there is sun outside or not. Our skin and hair are exposed to the same amount of radiation and pollution. As we know our hair is very delicate we should always use heat protectors and hair sunscreen before stepping out.

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Why we need sunscreen ?

As we step out and get exposed to the harmful UV radiation. This radiation can harm your delicate skin and hair. Your hair will soon be dull, weak, lifeless, and broken. Sun can act as a bleaching agent for your hair and would result in discoloration. You may lose all the moisture from your scalp resulting in dry,  frizzy, and split ends. You won’t be able to style and flaunt such hair anymore.

Why we need a Homemade Sunscreen ?

Using sunscreens that are available in the market can be a little expensive. All the chemicals present in those sunscreens may not be apt for your hair which may adversely affect your hair. You can easily make homemade sun protector sprays and serum at home itself with all the natural ingredients which won’t damage your hair strands but also will exfoliate and nourish your hair and keep their moisture intact along with there natural texture.

3 Best Homemade Sunscreens are –

1. Grape Seed Oil and Rose Water Hair sunscreen

Grapeseed oil is a by-product of wine so it can be a very inexpensive ingredient for our homemade sunscreen. It is full of Vitamin E, Proteins, Minerals, and Linoleic acid. It is a very light oil, that is the reason it is frequently used in hair and skin cosmetics.

Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties in it which protect your hair from the heat damage of the sun and maintain the moisture of your scalp. The flowery smell of rosewater will surely bloom up your day.

 • 10 to 20 drops of Grape Seed oil
 • 200 ml Rosewater
 • spray bottle

In a spray bottle, mix Grapeseed oil and Rosewater. You can store this bottle in the fridge. Whenever you step outside, spray this liquid on your hair. This natural sunscreen is a very effective way to keep the texture and moisture of your scalp intact. This will replenish your hair follicles and save you scalp from dandruff by maintaining the essential oils. Grapeseed oil will effectively shield your hair from the heat damage.

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2. Red Raspberry And Avacado Oil Sunscreen Serum

Red Raspberry is such a powerful sunscreen ingredient as it has the property to block UV radiation,  fight free radicals, and boost collagen. Along with these properties, it also helps in hair growth and strengthens your hair.

Avacado oil is rich in Oleic acid and monou saturated fats which can deeply penetrate the hair follicles and be a good conditioner for your hair all day long. It also smoothens your hair texture.

 • 2 tablespoons Red Raspberry Oil
 • 2 tablespoons Avacado Oil

Give a good mix to both the oils in your daily hair serum or you can also mix it in cold water. Apply this Serum gently on your hair, a half-hour before going outside. It will be a good coating for your hair and protect them from harmful sunlight.

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3. White Tea And Lavender Oil Sunscreen

White tea can be really a good choice for homemade sunscreen as it is gifted with the antioxidant properties. It not only helps in hair growth but also protect premature hair fall. Is can also protect your hair from the heat damage. Because of its moisturizing capabilities, the hair will become soft and silky.

Lavender oil is not only soothing for our scalp but can give good conditioning too. It has antimicrobial properties that can avoid the dry and itchy scalp. It can repair your inflammated scalp and prevent dandruff.

 • 2 White Tea tea bags
 • 5 drops of lavender oil
 • spray bottle

Steep  White Tea tea bags and let the tea cool down nicely. Then Mix the tea and lavender oil in a spray bottle. Apply this sunscreen gently on your hair strands before going out.

Tips to save your hair from heat damage.

 • Along with these natural sunscreens, you should always protect your hair from direct sun exposure with the help of a cap or scarf.
 • Avoid going outside between 10 AM to 2 PM when the sunlight is strongest.
 • If wearing a cap and scarf is not your style then apply a leave-in conditioner with SPF.
 • Calm your scalp by washing your hair thrice a week. This will also clean the dirt and sweat.

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