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The 3 Types of Eyeliners – How to Choose the Best One

Eyeliner is an essential make-up routine for many ladies. It is mainly used to enhance your eyes and we can also give different looks to our eyes. They are mainly applied to the upper lashes to give a wider look to lashes. Eyeliner can be a good option over kajal as applying kajal may shrink the appearance of the eye. It can give a graceful as well as dramatic look depending on the type of eyeliner you choose.
There are so many brands and choices in the market when it comes to select a particular eyeliner. By reading the detailed description of a few types of eyeliners you can shrink your choices of purchase. Broadly Eyeliners can be categorized into 3 types.

3 Types Of Eyeliners are

1. Pencil Eyeliner

Revlon Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil, Black, 1.14g Free Sharpner

Pencil eyeliner is best for beginners. They are a blend of kajal and kohl pencils. It is used just like an ordinary pencil. We can also give a smokey effect to our eyes by smudging them. You can draw any design and fill it with pencil eyeliner to give different shapes to your eyes such as cat eyes. They are very easy to manage. You will love them when you are in a hurry but require a swift and reliable solution for catchy eyes.

How to use

They are in the form of pencil or twist up style and can be applied very easily on the lash line or water line.


 • They are very smooth and easy to apply.
 • Available in many colors.
 • Quickest to apply


 • Need to be sharpened very well frequently for good results.
 • Stay good for 3 hours

 2. Gel Based Eyeliner

Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Gel Liner Pencil, Rich Amethyst

Gel-based eyeliners are the darkest among all the other eyeliners. They can be tempting at some point as they can be applied easily in comparison to liquid eyeliner because of their waxy consistency. Quickly you can get a neat thin line. Best waterproof eyeliners fall in this category.

How to use

They are available in pot, pencil, or twist up style. An external brush is provided along to apply your eyeliner. They work well on the waterline because of the waterproof effect.


 • Waterproof
 • Give a precise look


 • They require regular brush cleaning to avoid eye infection.
 • You can be in a real mess if you lose the applicator

3. Liquid Eyeliner

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, Black

The use of Liquid eyeliners requires the skill of a  Pro as they need really steady hands while applying. They are a little difficult to apply. They are best eyeliners to give a wing or a flicked look at the outer corner of your eye. For parties you can give a thick look to enhance your eyes and a thin line of eyeliner can be applied for a casual look. It is meant for looks that require delicacy.

How to Use

Liquid eyeliner are generally available in the form of a bottle with an in-build thin brush applicator. We can easily give a particular shape by applying it on the upper lid near the lash line.


 • Good for meeting look.
 • Stay longest
 • Good for dramatic look like cat eyes.
 • Once you’ve learnt the trick to apply liquid eyeliner you will love this product.


 • As is is a liquid , requires time to dry
 • You need steady hands while handling liquid eyeliner, which can be difficult.