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What Causes Pimples: Its Symptoms and Prevention

What is Pimple and What Causes Them ?

Any blockage in the hair follicles of the skin due to oil glands, dirt, bacteria, or dead skin cells is known as Pimple. Pimples are one of the symptoms of Acne.  Pimples are bacterial inflammation of the hair follicles which gives reddish bump on the skin and sometimes with white pus in the center.

The repetitive occurrence of pimples on your skin is known as Acne. Generally, pimples are seen on that part of our body which are more oily like Face, Forehead, Neck, Back, Chest, or Shoulders.

Symptoms of Pimple :

Blackheads: Tiny open pores which are black bumps on the skin formed due to clogged hair follicles. People with oily skin are more prone to Blackheads.

2. Whiteheads: They are clogged pores formed due to oil, dead cells, and bacteria.

3. Papules: Small Red tender bumps on skin

4. Pustules: They are Papules with Pus at the centre

5. Nodules: Lumps of 1 cm or larger under the skin are known as Nodules. They can be deep in the organs or just under the skin. They are slightly painful.

6. Cystic lesions: Nodules filled with Pus are called as Cystic lesions.

What Causes Pimple?

Our skin has small pores called as follicals. Hair and oil glands combine to form these hair follicles. Pimples can be caused by any kind of irregularity or blockage in the skin pores due to following

  • Excessive Oil secretion
  • Dirt or Impurities
  • Dead Skin Cells, or
  • Bacteria

We cannot be completely sure on one specific reason causing Acne but few of the common reasons triggering Pimple formation on the skin are.

1. First and the foremost reason is seen causing acne issues is Hormonal Changes in our body such as during Puberty, Pregnancy, or Menopause.

2. High Humid climate can also lead to excessive oil secretion by our skin pores resulting in Pimples.

3. Wrong or Heavy Medication can also lead to Acne issues.

4. Being harsh on your skin may give your acne issues. 

5. Touching your face or impure mobile screen again and again or coming in contact with dirt may give you pimples.

6. Touching or squeezing pimples already present on your face may give you some more pimples.

7. Inappropriate cosmetics used on your skin, such as oil based cosmetics may lead to Pimples.

8. Carbohydrate Rich foods like fastfood , chips etc or Skim Milk or Chocolates can worsen the acne problem.

9. Heat inducing foods can also lead to acne related issues such as excessive intake of dry nuts, mangoes etc.

10. Stress can also be one of the reason for Acne issues.

Steps to Prevent Pimple Growth and Making It Worse

 1. Stop touching your face with your hands, Hair, or Impure Cellphone Screen.

2. Do not squeeze or touch your existing pimples.

3. Gently wash your face frequently (thrice a day) with a mild cleanser such as Sirona Natural Face Wash – 125 ml | Exfoliating Facial Cleanser with Apricot, Flax-seed Extracts and 5 Magical Herbs To Help Reduce Blemishes, Fight Acne, especially in a hot and humid climate or if your skin is prone to dirt.

4. The use of non-comedogenic products for your skin and hair would be beneficial.

5. Stay healthy with your dietary plans. Avoid skim milk or carbohydrate-rich food snacks.

6. Stay Hydrated ! this Magic Mantra for almost many health-related issues works like dream. Drinking an adequate amount of water is very necessary for our health.

7. Change your pillowcase once a week.